Troubles #AtoZChallenge



Who doesn’t have it? So as you have and your partner too.

There are thousands of problem we face in our day to day life, office, home and sometimes in the relationship too. Well here we are not discussing the kind of problems; the concern is how we react to the problem.

Sometimes it happens that one of our partners is facing some emotional or any family problem and obviously it’s gonna make their mood worse, so it directly or indirectly affects the relationship. And the tone of the conversation becomes rude, full of tears or blaming. Now one who is frustrated is already in the problem, so it’s the time when the second one can make things easier.

I know being at distance of kilometres you can’t do much help, but at least you can listen to them, their problems, maybe it’s the most important thing at the point of time you can do for them. Sometimes listening, consoling and making them feel that you are there is the best thing.

So if you can’t be the troubleshooter for them, at least you can be there for them.

Thank you for reading.❤


Surprises ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Surprises 😍

Yeah everyone loves surprises, no one is an exception. Here, I just want to say that what about adding some surprise element to your love story ❤

Usually we so busy in our routine schedule that we don’t have time to enjoy the small moments or sometimes We can’t be there for loved one. So I believe in giving small surprises so that we can make them smile even if we are busy.

Well, it’s not necessary that it should be something expensive but it should be something that shows your love. You can send one beautiful E-mail with some romance or the collage of your beautiful memories 😍 or screenshots of your old conversation (it works actually, it reminds you the beginning of your story) or anything which you feel perfect for your partner, it can be small candy too 😇

Here by sending this surprises, you can be with them, you can give that blushing smile 😍 so plan some cute surprises and reduce your distance.

Realize & Reward ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Realise and reward ❤

Well, most of the time it happens that we take people for granted, it’s the normal thing nowadays.

Usually, this thing happens in a relationship too, long distance relationship is not an exception. It happens much time that we don’t realise what our partner is doing for us, what it takes for him to reply while the work is too much when his mood is worse like hell still he tries to cheer up his girl, while everything seems to get worst still he tries to be there.

But we are so busy in ourselves or in the riddle of life, that we don’t realise that small motivation, small complements and small happiness given by our loved ones. So it is the time when we can reward them with love and shower some good moments on them.

So it’s the time to recognise and realise that special care and reward with some extra care ❤

Quality conversations 💬 #AtoZChallenge

Quality conversations 💬

It’s normal that we have the conversation, we talk with our partner, daily chats, hours of calls and video calls.

It’s the normal thing in long distance relationship, but sometimes instead of bringing joys, the conversation end up on fight and sadness. Moreover, many times we take calls just because we feel that not talking to her/him might be unfair or he/she simply don’t like it. But we don’t realize that talking with bad moods will just increase the issues.

Further, you can make some normal rules for call or chats,
Like if you have some problems, instead of saying over message talk on calls, it will reduce the stress and you can find some quick solutions.
Avoid fighting over calls, because you are in the angry mood and have no control over your words, so it’s better that first work on your anger than on your problem.

You may have your own rule set, to make things better and have some quality time and conversation.
Thank you.

Priorities ~ #AtoZChallenge

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In life, the loved one is always the priority, but sometimes people have some other things, which need to be prioritised before loved ones, temporarily.

Well here I am talking about priority and saying that you should give priority to other things, sounds unfair to love life right?
But sometimes other things such as family matters, exams- Education, career and yourself need preference because ultimately it is going to have the impact not only on personal life but also on social and love life too.

Sometimes when you found that your partner is busy on some project and ignoring you, well that’s the side which you are seeing. But you don’t realize that the project can change his /her entire life, so when it’s about your partners good future, you can wait for little.

I know this waiting hurts, you can’t disturb them, no long conversations and the long list of pending things. But theses waiting and your sacrifices for your partner is the most fabulous gesture of love from you to your partner.

thankyou for reading.

Opinion ~#AtoZChallenge

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Well, opinion matters a lot!
Did you have been in the situation where you are taking decisions alone or there is no one who can give the opinion , let me correct, independent opinion.

Usually, we are surrounded by people, who may hesitate to tell you the truth about your current situation. So in this situation, you need someone who can help you to get through the harsh realities of life, who can make you understand the importance of yourself, who can have the independent opinion. And it’s the blessing that you found that someone in your partner.

We all need that one person, who can be there, with you, in all situations and fight in the battle of life.

Moreover, being in the relationship is not just sharing care and love, its also about discussions, arguments and opinions.

So be the person with the opinion, make your opinions count and make your relationship more perfect.

Thank you.

No to negativity… #AtoZChallenge

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Say no to Negativity…

We are humans and have the constant struggle between positive and negative thoughts, so as you and your partner also have been through this battle.

You must be thinking why I’m narrating the human nature, its because we live in the world and share human emotions. Usually, when you say to people that you are in LDR, everyone cheers your guts and bless you with the all the happiness around the world, its normal. But as it says, every coin have two sides, people also have two faces. After expressing the happiness, they start with the advice session though you haven’t asked for.

Most of the time when you say that you love someone who’s at miles distance, it come to the how will you manage to be with him, what to do you know about him, god knows of his lies to you, he can be fake person, this kind of talk sessions are there that are ready to take test of your trust.

Moreover, even after a successful relationship, there’s always some people who will keep worrying about your future and shower with your questions like,
Are you going to marry him? Did you inquire about his family or past, he’s trustworthy to marry and much much more….😥

I know who are asking this questions are really well-wishers. But my dear friends sometimes such questions are irritating and mood spoilers. When the person is surviving through the hundreds of problems, you are just adding one more problem.

Well, you can’t change people, so the best you can do is to avoid such situations and negative, make sure that this kind of sessions doesn’t affect the love 😍.

Thank you for reading 😃