Zestful ❤ live and Love ❤ #AtoZChallenge 

Zestful , means full of Life !

It’s the last and 26th post, we talked about lots of things, do and don’t and many other things. I got lots of comments about it so it becomes an learning experience for me too.

Today is Z and I come to know the word, Zestful i.e. being full of Life.

Here I want to say , learn to live , don’t rush behind the things , you are not supposed to be perfectionist so dude chill and live your life.

Now you must be thinking why I am being philosophical about life and not talking about long distance relationship 🙄. Well you can’t love someone else until you don’t love yourself and you can’t make another one’s life better until you are suffocated by own life.

Being in relationship, specifically in long distance relationship isn’t about those four hour you spend with each other often in year , it also about the life apart from that four hour’s. I’m not saying that messed up person can’t have happy lovelife , they have but their love life is also messed up.

Here in the end of this challenge I don’t have any advice for your love life rather I don’t want to talk about it , here I want to say be happy with yourself , thanks for the blessings you have in your life , little less complaining , some more smiles , being positive, and most importantly fall for yourself too. Loving isn’t always about someone else, it’s sometimes about yourself too.

While having someone in your life , don’t panic about if things are not working, it’s okay if it don’t work , all you can do is just enjoy what you have , if you can’t have the perfect date in your favorite restaurant , it’s okay, you can spend time on roadside dhaba , after all it’s not about money , class , standards, people’s comments, log Kya kahenge , or about anything else , it’s about Only you and your partner ❤.

Life is going to be tough , so don’t waste time in sorry I can’t be the good partner for you, instead spend effort being good one.

Ufff , before I start write a  book on philosophy of life here ,I conclude it here.

Live your life and love your Life ❤

Thank you.


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