You 😍 #AtoZChallenge

With you, without you!

Well, there can be only two situations, either you are with your partner ❤ or not😞.

Being human beings, we have the tendency to mark negative things first so as happens in relationship. When something goes wrong, we started counting negatives, and in the long distance relationship excuses end at ‘I have to handle all things without you’.

Basically, we forget while arguing that, your partner is also facing all things alone, he’s managing without you. It’s the normal thing, that they can’t be physically there and maybe sometimes not even emotionally! Reasons can be various, but it happens. And as a frequency of without you increase, the relationship enters a danger zone. Further, this kind of fights have no end results or may end up at breaking up.

I know it’s tough to manage, but it’s not impossible. You just need to be little stronger. Further, there’s wise saying, count your blessings. So enjoy the moment when he’s with you, and according to me, there’s no logic in spending your valuable time on some arguments.


Appreciate when he’s with you 😍.

Thank you for reading ❤


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