​Ex 💔 – past to present #AtoZChallenge 

Well today is the word x and all I can remember is ex relationship.

It’s normal that people have past , some secrets , few painful realizations and life learning lessons. So you and your partner can have , it’s not that complicated but we humans have some extra ordinary ability to make things complicated. Most of the time people hide that they had a relationship, now usually in LDR , your relation is based on the trust and honesty and if you hide something like this from your partner it’s going to be disaster , trust me !

Here I have to say two things, First to partner who has relationship, my dear, you didn’t did crime , so don’t hide it. Don’t regret about it because, it is the exact thing you wanted that time. Now , you have started your love life at new point, make sure that your girl /man knows about it.

Further, one more important thing , if your partner accept you with your past with big heart, make sure that you don’t compare things or don’t say ‘you know my ex would love this ‘ . It simply hurts , none is exceptional. So it’s the past let it be the past.

To other partner, sweets , just because your partner had relationship, it doesn’t mean that he is not loving you , there can be sufficient reason that it didn’t work and he or she is with you now.  May be you are not his first but you can be last and forever. So it was just story , where your partner was hero😉. Appreciate your partner to tell you the truth.

Having a past is not a problem, it’s too simple thing , but people make things tough by involving the past into present.
So trust your partner ❤ believe in the love you share 😘

Stay blessed and keep reading 💛


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