Waiting #AtoZChallenge

Waiting 😑

The word waiting sounds painful and sometimes irritating too.

Usually when you are at distance, waiting is part of your life. The reasons can be various such as you guys may have different schedule , you guys belong to different time zone or anything else.

Most of the time it happens that you are in bad mood or you need to talk with your partner or you have something important to share with him, but he’s busy in working and you couldn’t get reply. Many times it happen that you guys have planned a meet but one of you got some emergency and the other one keep waiting.

Waiting hurts a lot , you need to wait to see your partner, to hug him , even sometimes for replies too. Most of the time waiting ruins mood and leads to fights, and I know this waiting types feeling so I’m not gonna say that you shouldn’t be sad or make your mood bad.

Here I can suggest is adjust your schedules, as you guys know when you are free talk on that time, so at least you can have one peaceful conversation.

Well waiting hurts, but precious thing takes some time. So instead of making faces , enjoy your waiting sessions too.

Thank you for reading ❤


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