Variations #AtoZChallenge

LDR brings lots of variations with it , you may find thousands of differences between you and your partner.

The variations vary from time zone to taste, culture, religion, traditions, behavioral habits or it could be anything. In all the variations , the cultural variation affects the most.Its normal thing but in some communities or some places it still have huge impact  such as if you belong to different religions , you may have to face problems about it or any gesture have different meaning in both cultures. There can be lot of different things but you have one similarity that’s love, so you can solve the differences. The movie 2 states is the best example of how two families and culture have huge variations.

Here I want to say, don’t let differences ruin the essence of your beautiful journey where you are sharing families and love.  According to me its can turn into adventures and fun to learn new culture, if you want to do so.  Being a partner, it’s the best time where you can support your partner, by telling them about your culture, festivals and many more things. As I belong to two cultures, I find it fantastic, you have lots of celebration, two cuisine and twice fun.

You can’t erase the variations, but you can always celebrate the differences.

Thank you for reading .


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