US #AtoZChallenge

Us ❤

Isn’t it the most beautiful word, obviously it is ❤ when you and I turn into us things seems prettier 😍.

As every relationship, you and your partner also want to be together forever, no doubts. But when people says that long distance relationships don’t work when it come to real life. Somewhere it’s truth, let me correct it’s half truth. The relationship fails because people can’t change with the changing circumstances.

Most of the time it happens that when lovers turn into husband/wife or got engaged, things change accordingly, you guys are now not just a boyfriend, girlfriend with your virtual world,  you are companions who have lots of responsibilities and things to look after, so there’s chance that you don’t carry out the same lovely relationship. Here all you need is little adjustment and Faith in your partner.

So guys just because someone else said that LDR won’t work, don’t stop dreaming about your story.

It’s about you and your partner, so believe in word  US ❤


10 thoughts on “US #AtoZChallenge

  1. mexilandblog says:

    So true. Many times I was told that my relationship wasn’t going to work, and that once we got engaged and married, we were going to change and the love we used to feel was going to change thanks to the stress and new responsibilities in our life, but the truth is that everything is up to each couple in how they work together to manage every new situation, It’s true that is not the same being away from each other than live together as a couple, but like you said, it’s all about adjustment, and if your love is real, that love will help to go through all the situation, but together.
    Nice post!

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