Troubles #AtoZChallenge



Who doesn’t have it? So as you have and your partner too.

There are thousands of problem we face in our day to day life, office, home and sometimes in the relationship too. Well here we are not discussing the kind of problems; the concern is how we react to the problem.

Sometimes it happens that one of our partners is facing some emotional or any family problem and obviously it’s gonna make their mood worse, so it directly or indirectly affects the relationship. And the tone of the conversation becomes rude, full of tears or blaming. Now one who is frustrated is already in the problem, so it’s the time when the second one can make things easier.

I know being at distance of kilometres you can’t do much help, but at least you can listen to them, their problems, maybe it’s the most important thing at the point of time you can do for them. Sometimes listening, consoling and making them feel that you are there is the best thing.

So if you can’t be the troubleshooter for them, at least you can be there for them.

Thank you for reading.❤


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