Surprises ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Surprises 😍

Yeah everyone loves surprises, no one is an exception. Here, I just want to say that what about adding some surprise element to your love story ❤

Usually we so busy in our routine schedule that we don’t have time to enjoy the small moments or sometimes We can’t be there for loved one. So I believe in giving small surprises so that we can make them smile even if we are busy.

Well, it’s not necessary that it should be something expensive but it should be something that shows your love. You can send one beautiful E-mail with some romance or the collage of your beautiful memories 😍 or screenshots of your old conversation (it works actually, it reminds you the beginning of your story) or anything which you feel perfect for your partner, it can be small candy too 😇

Here by sending this surprises, you can be with them, you can give that blushing smile 😍 so plan some cute surprises and reduce your distance.


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