Realize & Reward ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Realise and reward ❤

Well, most of the time it happens that we take people for granted, it’s the normal thing nowadays.

Usually, this thing happens in a relationship too, long distance relationship is not an exception. It happens much time that we don’t realise what our partner is doing for us, what it takes for him to reply while the work is too much when his mood is worse like hell still he tries to cheer up his girl, while everything seems to get worst still he tries to be there.

But we are so busy in ourselves or in the riddle of life, that we don’t realise that small motivation, small complements and small happiness given by our loved ones. So it is the time when we can reward them with love and shower some good moments on them.

So it’s the time to recognise and realise that special care and reward with some extra care ❤


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