Quality conversations 💬 #AtoZChallenge

Quality conversations 💬

It’s normal that we have the conversation, we talk with our partner, daily chats, hours of calls and video calls.

It’s the normal thing in long distance relationship, but sometimes instead of bringing joys, the conversation end up on fight and sadness. Moreover, many times we take calls just because we feel that not talking to her/him might be unfair or he/she simply don’t like it. But we don’t realize that talking with bad moods will just increase the issues.

Further, you can make some normal rules for call or chats,
Like if you have some problems, instead of saying over message talk on calls, it will reduce the stress and you can find some quick solutions.
Avoid fighting over calls, because you are in the angry mood and have no control over your words, so it’s better that first work on your anger than on your problem.

You may have your own rule set, to make things better and have some quality time and conversation.
Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Quality conversations 💬 #AtoZChallenge

  1. extinct0703 says:

    Rules for calls and chat with your loved one????
    Control with your partner???
    I will say this is one absurd thing to hear from you Nikita, relations are based on trust and understanding, if you don’t discuss your issues with your partner then who else will you be comfortable to share’em with? If one of you or both get angry then where is the understanding and adaptability needed in the relationship? If this is the case I suggest you should break up of the infatuation and move on to find one you would understand and vice versa.

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