Priorities ~ #AtoZChallenge

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In life, the loved one is always the priority, but sometimes people have some other things, which need to be prioritised before loved ones, temporarily.

Well here I am talking about priority and saying that you should give priority to other things, sounds unfair to love life right?
But sometimes other things such as family matters, exams- Education, career and yourself need preference because ultimately it is going to have the impact not only on personal life but also on social and love life too.

Sometimes when you found that your partner is busy on some project and ignoring you, well that’s the side which you are seeing. But you don’t realize that the project can change his /her entire life, so when it’s about your partners good future, you can wait for little.

I know this waiting hurts, you can’t disturb them, no long conversations and the long list of pending things. But theses waiting and your sacrifices for your partner is the most fabulous gesture of love from you to your partner.

thankyou for reading.


6 thoughts on “Priorities ~ #AtoZChallenge

  1. Outside Perception says:

    Yeahhh… this is going on here in my home right now. Lot’s of busy things going at her job. Luckily I worked in the same company for a while so I have an actual good understanding of what she is going through.

    She brought me some candy yesterday so that makes up for a lot of it.

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