No to negativity… #AtoZChallenge

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Say no to Negativity…

We are humans and have the constant struggle between positive and negative thoughts, so as you and your partner also have been through this battle.

You must be thinking why I’m narrating the human nature, its because we live in the world and share human emotions. Usually, when you say to people that you are in LDR, everyone cheers your guts and bless you with the all the happiness around the world, its normal. But as it says, every coin have two sides, people also have two faces. After expressing the happiness, they start with the advice session though you haven’t asked for.

Most of the time when you say that you love someone who’s at miles distance, it come to the how will you manage to be with him, what to do you know about him, god knows of his lies to you, he can be fake person, this kind of talk sessions are there that are ready to take test of your trust.

Moreover, even after a successful relationship, there’s always some people who will keep worrying about your future and shower with your questions like,
Are you going to marry him? Did you inquire about his family or past, he’s trustworthy to marry and much much more….😥

I know who are asking this questions are really well-wishers. But my dear friends sometimes such questions are irritating and mood spoilers. When the person is surviving through the hundreds of problems, you are just adding one more problem.

Well, you can’t change people, so the best you can do is to avoid such situations and negative, make sure that this kind of sessions doesn’t affect the love 😍.

Thank you for reading 😃


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