Love letter 💌~ #AtoZChallenge

Love letter 😍
The word itself contains love ❤
The distance has many problems, but at the same time, it has some fantastic benefits. And love letter is one of it.
Well, nowadays you can find thousands of applications through which you can talk with your loved one. And you can see them every day, but the letters have its own charm, own way to express your feelings.
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Just imagine, you wake up in the morning and you find that your partner has left a sweet cover for you. When you open it and it has a special message specially written for you 😍❤ I bet you that your blushing smile will be there to accompanying you.

download (6)When you touch that envelope, smell of your partner, the words shouting about how much they love you, that small ❤ doodle on the corner of text increases your heartbeat when you touch it.
Moreover, it’s not that temporary smile you are giving to your partner, its lifelong memory you are gifting to your love.
Well, love letters are not just pages or words, it’s the whole story ❤make your own stories.
Thank you for reading.


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