Know each other ❤ ~#ATOZCHALLENGE 

Know each other ❤

Isn’t it amazing that you learned to know things about the people surrounding you, even most of time you can predict the behaviour of your friends and family. Well, you will say, I can predict because I know him /her very well.You come to know about the person by spending time with the person, most of the behavioural habits and many other things.

The same don’t happen when you are at distance, most of the time you spend on chatting with that person. So in reality, when you come together, you feel little awkward or maybe you don’t know how to behave, you don’t understand that your partner is comfortable or not. Many others things such as your habits and gesture- posture, it takes a time to be comfortable as much comfortable as you are the virtual world.

So keep that in mind, you know his /her soul, but now it’s time to know his/ her behaviour. So know your partner, maybe you find someone who’s exactly like you, sounds interesting! Or maybe someone totally opposite of you, that’s also too cool.

So talk to them, Enjoy your knowledge enhancement session 😉

Keep reading and sharing thank you ❤




5 thoughts on “Know each other ❤ ~#ATOZCHALLENGE 

  1. darlamsands says:

    Unfortunately, I’m learning less than happy things about my family and friends as I age. My father holds grudges when I don’t bend to his will and others expect me to go see them without making an effort to travel themselves. Even my writing friends want to pour out their woes rather than write in companionable silence. Thank heaven, my partner is different. We laugh and laugh over shared interests and memories. Still, you write a thoughtful post. Maybe I’m just a hermit at heart. Happy blogging!


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