​JUST GO FOR IT! ~#AtoZChallenge 


You may think that what  I am saying and where we are going! Have some patience; we are still talking about it.

When the destiny is hitting us with some hard slaps of reality, you may find that your trust in your relationship vanishes with the situations which are taking place. The circumstances, surrounding people, the harsh discussions with the partner becomes the part of your routine and the same results in he-don’t-understand-me type misunderstandings.

Well, when we fall for each other, everything seems like fairy tales and we live in the world where just two love birds belong. But the time passes and you realise it the not fairy tale and the world of your two only, in includes some hard-to-accept-realities and two other families too. When the love chitchats are replaced by the some, how to get settle discussions, you feel that ‘shiitt!! This person also has the same bullshit things for me as the others.’ And another thinks that here I am trying to help him/her and in reward, I am being called the mean person.

Moreover, when you are trying to complete your financial, educational, social goals, your relationship goals are being avoided and simply just add some new problem to your story. Here, I am not saying that the discussion should not be done, it has to be because on the basis of this thing you are building your love life.

All things concluded to the point that this all problems make you think twice about the relationship you are having. When worries-of-future ruins the happiness of today’s love, it’s the time where you should inhale and trust on the decisions you made.

Maybe you can’t have a perfect life but you have someone with whom life worth live. So erase the issues and just-go-for-it.

Thank you for reading and don’t think twice just share it if you like it maybe it will save someone from the results of the i-need-to-think-about-relationship-again situation.


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