Insecurity ~#AtoZChallenge 


Insecurities are the slow poison, which runs through your heart and kills your feelings silently.

Usually, insecurities can be in any relationship. Family, friends and love in any relation, the insecurity can be there. When the fear of losing that person turns to be greater than the faith of togetherness you have in your relationship, it’s the time where the insecurity took place between you. 
There are many reasons behind the one is feeling insecure, it may derive from the differences you guys have in financial or social status. When you have that feeling that your partner is better than you by any means, you feel inferior and some incidents where people or you on your won compare yourself with your partner and the disputes arises without reasons. The small events of comparisons destroy the companionship you have.

Moreover, in this case, the not only the relationship suffers but it also impacts on the people in the worst manner. So better that instead of being insecure about your love, celebrate the success or goodness your partner carries.

Here, I just want to say, when your loved one succeed it’s just not his/ her success, the part of their success is empty without your presence. No matter how huge difference you guys carry out, remember the differences should be celebrated. So rather than being insecure and worried, enjoy the moments of celebrations.

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