Honesty ~#AtoZChallenge 

❤Honesty ❤

Honesty is essential in love, rather you say it’s another form of love.  Honesty and integrity towards your partner are the best things you can do for them.

Usually,  when you meet your partner, talks to them,  share love to them and have a healthy relationship where you aren’t at distance. In LDR is quite different,  you spend days in missing them, maybe they are not there when you are in need of them, they can’t wipe your tears and can’t be there in your fears. So it’s  natural that you started feeling loneliness and sometimes the loneliness override the feeling of love you have. This situation leads to attractions towards someone else and you started spending time with the new friend you find,  just because your partner wasn’t able to give you company,  you end up finding the new companion.
Most of the LDR  end up on this note, where people don’t understand that why things didn’t work with them!

Here I suggest,  make your bond enough strong to face this phase where destiny tastes your honesty. Instead of finding a company for your loneliness, turn this situation in loveliness.

Keep reading and sharing ❤


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