Gifts ~#AtoZChallenge


Everyone loves gifts, even I’m not an exception and your partner will also love the gifts.

Nowadays you can find thousands of ideas about what to gift to your partner , so instead of reading that ideas do apply them often. There is no need that your gift should be expensive,  it should be expressive,  it should express the feeling of yours ❤.

The gift you are giving to your partner will describe the love you have for him or her.

Now you will say why gifts are needed ?,  NO gift is not necessary but when you will give something to her/him, it will be a precious memory for them. They can feel your presence in your gifts, whenever he touches the shield keychain you have given to him, given the smile will be there. Whenever she hugs the book he gave to her , it can calm her roaring ocean of anger. These are just some examples  to state that the small gifts , your presence felt in gifts and your emotions all will create a  melodic-memorable-moments for them.

So learn some crafts, try to draw hearts,  paint the canvas with your love , diy some cloths , make some sweets and create your own gift for your love.

Thank you for reading.


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