Expressive ~#AtoZChallenge 

Be expressive!

You are thinking that what I meant by that, let me explain it.

Usually, we communicate by words but the expressions which are accompanying the words are more important. The gestures and postures you made while speaking to someone make the huge impact in any conversation. Sometimes, the loved ones understand the silence, just by reading our face, how cool it is!

But in LDR communication, when the conversations are mostly made through the calls and texts, it’s difficult for anyone to get the real emotions hide behind fake chitchat. More often this leads to misunderstandings, you expect your partner to understand mood swings that too without explaining! My dear he/she is not god, so spare him/her, go and tell them what is the matter.

Here I am not saying that you guys have the communication gap, but sometimes the matters which are not properly expressed causes emotional damages to your relationship.

So defeat the distance, be expressive, have the healthy discussion and make your bond stronger.

Keep reading and express your views on this post.

Thank you.


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