Dreamy Dates~#AtoZChallenge 

​Dreamy dates, desired thing of every love birds!

Generally, the LDR Lovers are not enough lucky to meet each other much often , because the distance is enemy and many more devils such as work , study , exam are ready to ruin their Date plans. 

So here I would suggest that make sure that you don’t have much gap between two meets. Further, if you have many things which are prioritized already, it’s okay you can always have coffee together I know it’s not that cool dreamy date you had planned for days but it’s something which would instantly recharge your love and mood too. 

You can always give some small-meeting-surprises to your partner, for example you are traveling   across his/ her city you can meet at the railway station also, add some new memories to your date’s memories and adventure in your love life. No matter how you meet, where you met, the problem you had faced to meet each other, when you see your partner’s blushing smile, you will realize even war worth to see that smile.

Well you know more about dates than me, so thank you for reading and also let me know which is  your kind of dream date?


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