Conclude the conflicts ~#AtoZChallenge

The conflicts are the part each relationship, so how can LDR be the exception?


Well, it’s the conflicts are allowed to be the part of your love story only if the end results are positive. As the LDR lovers express the love over the call and so as the fights are also on the social sites and the small conflicts reflect as the big disputes in the light of the social media.

Just a simple thing did you notice the difference when you convince someone on a call and face to face conversation, of course, the second one is more effective but in the case of fights, it’s vice-versa. The shouting over calls leaves the scars on the mind and the words of anger will ruin all the happy moments you created over the calls.

images (1)

Here, I am not saying that don’t talk over the call, do talk but with a little patience. Instead of cutting down calls, posting irrelevant stuff as status or blocking each other, conclude you conflicts wisely.

Cut the conflicts, not the conversations.

Keep reading and sharing, and let me know some more idea of yours to end the conflicts with coolness.


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