Believe ~#AtoZChallenge

Well, when you don’t believe them how can you love them?

Here I am not saying that you don’t believe in your partner, but sometimes the situation makes you feel that your partner is cheating on you and it’s normal when you are not aware of the situation in which he /she is. More often the reasons for the trust issues are the misunderstood things which can be cleared earlier for example if you don’t find one of your partner’s friend good or you don’t like her/him and you said your partner to keep healthy distance from that person and suddenly you show the notification on some social sites stating that your sweetheart is chilling out with that person. Now the cool you will be turned out to be the angry bird and the huge fight is waiting for you.


Well, the above is just one situation, you may find a thousand reasons which are ready to take the test of the trust that you have to your partner. So instead of letting insecurities to make noise, play the tune of belief in your heart’s violin.

Keep believing in your love.

Thank you for reading spread the love.


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