#AtoZChallenge- Diciplinary step for me

A few days back I read some tweets and come to know about the #AtoZChallenge2017. And the Part-time-blogger-soul of mine gets attracted towards it.

As I am totally new to this and don’t have much idea I talk to some people and they gave me details, basically I understood that I have the blog for 26 Alphabets that too per day one post. Being a highly irregular blogger I participate in this challenge so that I can learn some blogging disciplines.

textgram_1491065087.pngAfter thinking about lots of topics, I come to know that one topic knocked my mind several times and it was LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP   and finally I started writing about it. As I saw many Long Distance Relationships, I learned some things about it. Where the distance becomes part of every relationship, it can leave scars or heal the wounds. Some rules, some experiences, some stories, poetry and many other things were waiting to be penned out, I tried to write it at my best.

I hope you guys would like to read it and looking forward to some appreciation and love towards my blog<3

PS: – I have prescheduled the post as I have the exam in May, so there are chances that I may not reply to your comments or suggestions or the love you shown towards my blogs, I apologize for the same in advance.

Thank you.


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