Acceptance ~#AtoZChallenge


download.jpgAcceptance makes things easy.

Well you are thinking that what is the connection between the LDR and acceptance, wait a minute, I can explain it:-
Usually, at an initial stage of any relationship we learn many new things about the person and also expect many things done from our partner, the LDR is the same but it sometimes differs from the normal one.
specifically when you are at distance you need to accept the thing that your love story it bit different from the normal one so basically it may happen that you guys can’t see each other for months or he/ she can’t be there on your birthday or you are sick and in need of warm hug but you can’t have it… it happens and hurts too. These small things can cause the big issues and may ruin your perfectly going fairy tale.
So here I must repeat the philosophical lines “Accept the reality “. Instead of being miserable for not being by loved one’s side and crying in the corner of the room, get them online and make some romantic video calls and lost in the melody of his/her voice.
I know that it’s not gonna heal the LDR’s Why-i-don’t-have-normal-relationship-issue permanently. But it can save it definitely because, in the end, love matters most distance is just a small hurdle.
Keep reading and sharing, I would like to know what you think about the Accepting-LDR? Leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Thank you.


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