It’s Love…….

”Do you still Love Me ?”
her voice broken into the war of words…
” yes I do love you ”
He holds her shaking hands….

Image result for sad couple
the tears vanished her sentence….
” I do mean it ”
he hugged her, making it more intense…

” I’m broken ”
she collapsed in his arms.
“yet strong and beautiful”
he holds her with all his charm…

” I have nothing to give you ”
she is explaining with sobs….
” some day you have something ”
he whispered in her ear with hope..

“What do you want from me ”
she can’t let her feeling to win over her mind…
“you ”
his words sound like melody, tuned up by the wind…

“leave me alone ”
she shouted with anger…
” I don’t do it ever ”
his hands tighten over her fingers..

” you are crazy ”
she murmured with the happiness …
” it’s love ”
he whispered looking her eyes…


6 thoughts on “It’s Love…….

  1. Pinakin says:

    Amazing one, not in the liner flow but abstract, but that exactly how feeling works, they do follow the line they go crazy like hurricane. That’s also a way of writing, really good one


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