I don’t have time….

Well, you are thinking that if I don’t have time then why I am writing this article ??? you are right but it’s the most popular excuse to give from the time of Mahabharata.

Right now I am on leave for studies and all I am doing is Study – Eat – sleep -repeat schedule (sleep includes social sites LOL). and whenever someone tells me something or I check out my to-do list for the week all I can see is the pending list of work. from January to till the date I have given excuses of not having time is almost ten times in a day. sometimes it’s for small things like to clean bookshelf or to withdraw money from ATM ( for the second I have real time problems as my city still providing only 2000 rs notes).

After going through the to-do-pending-List, I simply realized that I could have done all these things if I had managed my time with little effectively. So being a CA student as I prepared a small rule book( as we do for all clients )and trying to follow that ( with training and blessings given by my beloved friend I believe in ‘ Rules are meant to be broken” I am trying to follow this list ):-

1) Prioritize the work list, you know deadlines for your work so managed accordingly.

2) While deciding the time for particular work, allow 10 or 15 minutes extra, it can help when you are facing some minor problems like electricity cut off, in a case you missed out train or bus etc.

3) Choose the time as accordingly your choice, because if you are doing work at the wrong time than it will take longer time and also the quality of work may affect by it. for example, if you are cleaning your room on weekdays it’s not as effective as it can be done on weekends.

Image result for avoid social media4) Kill the times consuming social sites. usually, it happens that we have allocated a time for the particular task and instead of doing that we end up searching how to make curry on google, do avoid the use of a phone while working. or you can allot an hour for chitchat as it’s refreshing moods too.


Image result for avoid multitasking

5) Don’t be Rajanikant, Avoid multitasking. Most of the time we think that multitasking can help in finishing work early but it is the myth. Multitasking will ruin the quality of work and also consumes much time that you have allowed. moreover, it will make you feel tired and exhausted.


6) Manage your Time wisely. yeah, this doesn’t need extraordinary skills. By observation and research, you can know how to manage, in my case, I spend 2 hours daily in traveling, I do make all calls and messages, check & reply to emails in this 2 hours and sometimes quick revision of a subject too.

7) Try and try until you become successful. This above 6 rules are easy to say but hard to follow so don’t give up if you fail at first instance. by following this, you can make it the habit and manage your time successfully. Make time management a habit.

Image result for i don't have time


The above are some of my time mantras, what do you do to kill your I-don’t-have-time? let me know by your comments and help me in improving my time management.




Thank you for reading ❤


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