Book ~ I love the most….

Hello everyone,

I am here, with a new blog, writing #magicOfLove for again my dear blogger friend and inspiration #Novemberschild.  The girl, who owns spectacular blog <3.

My topic is your most favourite romantic Book and everyone who knows me personally have an idea about it.

Someone like you


-By Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh

This book is suggested by my one of the friend, Rajshree (the person who gift me lots of books and make me a good reader), who is the bookworm and own tiny library (The treasure box for me).

It was the first book, I have purchased from own income. So it has the special place in my life. I still remember the excitement of ordering the book and receiving it.The credit goes to amazon wholly for making this experience so awesome. Apart from all this, it’s the book which brings love to me.

The book is a simple love story about the girl Niharika, who is not so girlish type. She never realised the meaning of being beautiful until her elder sister Simran did a makeover of her. She is now college girl who is stylish and hot once being a nerd and having books as friends. After getting in college, she met four new people.

Pia, the girl who is brought up almost like the princess and having a long distance relationship. She turns out to be the best friend of Niharika lately.

Axat, the guy who is Ex of her elder sister. He kept poking his nose in the life of heroine and try all thing what an Ex can do.

Tanmay, Football champion. He starts falling for Pia and story takes the twist with his story.

Karthik, the mysterious guy in the life of Niharika. He is the true hero, who protects his girl and fight for a friend.

The story has many twist and turns, this five people creates equations of love which are difficult to solve for them. As the story grows up, thrill and suspense become part of it. And leaves question on reader’s mind about is their love story take place? Do they get their true love?  The Happy ending is on their part or not?

Well, I am not revealing any of its secrets because I want you to enjoy this awesome and my kind of perfect love story.

Keep Reading and enjoying awesome books.

Thank you.<3


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