“A lesson from student “

Ummm , it sound little wrong , isn’t it ? Well it totally true! We are so obsessed with the fact that only teacher can give lessons that sometimes we forget that even student can have some lessons to teach us. I am student but I am teacher too.

Recently I have started teaching a girl who is in 12th, preparing for board exams. She is needed Sweet girl with cool attitude. Well it’s about what I am teaching to her, but today she taught me something. It was a lesson about “Don’t do anything for which you are not agreed “.

So what happened today is, we are facing some time related issues. We are two teachers and she can allot only 3hours to us, so thought let’s have more on Sunday. As I am habited with this extra class thing, I thought that she is going to say yes for that. Why she should have any problem with extra classes?? And I planned approximately 4 hours classes for her on Sunday.

When I asked to her about classes, she said NO. I was like “what the hell is this “but I can’t say that as I am tutor. Then I asked her what the problem, she has some plans or something? She replied with smile ‘’No mam, I don’t have plans, I am not okay with that much long classes?’’

“Why?’’ I asked eagerly. It was a whole new thing to me, as I don’t remember a single case where I have choice to say no to my teacher (I have attended 10 hours classes on the day of Diwali too). “It’s headache “she simply replied. I again asked “Why so? “ (I felt like being horrible teacher). She laughed “what madam, you are teaching me accounts and it sucks. I can’t bear it more than 2 hours; I am not going to be in class more than 2 hours. I am not okay with that’’

Later I and another teacher tried to make her understand that, but she was firm and don’t want to compromise just because her elders says to do so. That 17 year girl wasn’t sacred with the thought that we can scold her or will complain to her parents. She and her firm yet cute face!

In the end I agreed with 2 hours classes and I left the place but the thought of her firm decision was still accompanying me. All the incidences when I want to say no, but couldn’t say it because I don’t want to be ‘Bad girl’ come in my mind. It is good when you obey your elders but while being obedient we forgot that our comfort matters too!

1This is for a girl , who taught me that ‘ Don’t do anything for which you are not agree!’’

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9 thoughts on ““A lesson from student “

  1. SumitOfficial says:

    That’s so true Nikita. I’m so happy to read that being a teacher, you still, are a great student.

    The way she said NO, reminded me of movie ‘Pink’

    No means NO. 😅😁

    Ok sorry for the bad joke. But I really appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have to face more than 2 hours’ class. Because I suck at accounts too in my MBA. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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