Angry bird to Cool chick~ my Journey….

Do you ever wonder?

How easily you got angry on small things and give loud reactions on the small things which don’t even matter. Well I do the same, in my personal group or in family I have been known as the “Angry bird “ Yes who know me personally, will surely agree with this. Some of them says I look cute when I am angry.eee

Being a younger one, I had always been pampered which also includes defense for the overreaction. Usually it’s like ‘she is yet small, she will learn the things’. At personal level, this is acceptable but only sometimes, but as you grow up people started expecting to react calmly. They want you to behave with more patience.

And the real problem starts here, it’s not as easy as to eat chocolates. It leads to so much of conflicts and issues. In my case it took around 2 to 3 years to learn to behave calmly, and it’s was horrible period. For everyone it is horrible because it’s not something that you can do overnight. The same creates uncountable situations where overreaction or anger leads to the problem in communications. Many times the person’s frustration for not being normal as others makes him feel depressed.

So while dealing with my anger, I used some small tricks which turned out into habits now. I do the following when I am angry.

  • I try to avoid arguments. Yes avoiding arguments is the best way to avoid anger and result of anger. It s not necessary that you need to prove yourself right at the same time , you can wait for minutes and lately when you both are calm you can have fruitful conversation. I try to stick this strictly.angerr
  • Many times it happens that while dealing with routine, we need to face some issues. Like we are getting late and running to office and accidentally you hit someone , small accident ,none has injured or no big loss but the problem is ‘ it must be his fault , why I should say sorry’ Try to avoid this by saying one small sorry you can save your time, mood and also your good day.
  • Not every situation needs reaction. Following this one ends half chaos in the life. Hear everything but listen and pay attention to only those who really matters.
  • Have chocolates, yes this helps a lot to deal with anger with frustration.

There are many things to kill your anger. Even some more things are there to control your anger so that it won’t hurt you and others.


Make a list of things that makes you angry and find out how to deal with them. Make some rules and adhere to them. Working a little bit on this can help you in improving as personal and professional level too. Make your anger your tool to earn success.

Right now I can manger the anger issues with help of above, share your list to me.

Keep reading.Thank you ❤





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