Words silent swords…


“Let me write something”

She thought,


She couldn’t,

It felt like word’s drought….

She tried again and again,

Changed pens and dairies,

But nothing helped her,

Neither tragedy nor tales of fairies…

The emptiness of pages,

Slowly stolen away her smile,

She stared at the blank lines,

Words seemed at distance of miles…

She continued her struggle with words,

The rhyming was at war,

The trap of unsaid words,

Ripped out breathe of her…

Her eyes filled with tears,

Blank pages turned out into blurry sites,

She couldn’t bear this,

Thoughts are now at fights …

She wiped out tears,

Found out some hope and said

I can write down some words,

She forgot her poetry- her life,

Now turned into killer swords…



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