Gifts- ” Kumbhmela of feelings “

I am writing this post towards #Blog&celebrate contest by Novemberschild. Congratulations dear and wishing you lots of  success.




This word gives happiness as the cherry on the cake or like whole cake or may be more than that. I love receiving and giving gifts, well who don’t? Gift is something which represents joy, celebration, love, care and is a bunch of happiness. So for me gift means the “Kumbhmela” of feelings <3.

wp-1483117935540.jpg 2015 & 2016 has been full of gifts for me. Usually I received my all gifts through online shopping. So whenever I get the message stating that your consignment has shipped, I started counting days to receive gift. That excitement!!!! .God blessed me with some precious gifts such as love and Best friends who make my life perfect. On my 21St & 22nd Birthday I had spent my birthday week in collecting the curriers from the transporters offices (Thanks to Shonna & Shree). These gifts made me feel like princess of them and whenever I saw them I’m on ninth cloud.

img-20151215-wa0009.jpg Well receiving gift is easy but to giving gift is the real challenge dude! It starts with knowing what person likes, their taste, choices, and hobbies (being detective) and then to think about probable gift options and after all selection & rejection, the confusion about in which color’s wrapper you are going to wrap the gift. It’s not just a gift it’s the journey of our feelings from us to gift receiver. During this year I grab the opportunity trying my hand on paper craft and made some cards from with the help of goggle. It was the coolest experience! As I am very bad painter it take half hour to draw a little heart and to cut it , but it was over all I had fun in it. I still remember my momma’s smile when I gifted her sari from my 1st earning, that proud on her face and eyes filled with love.

Well the biggest gift we can ever receive is life and family, love and friends.

Stay blessed and keep gifting.


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