Last day of office…

Well , usually last day of office is full of mix emotions for  an intern . In my case , I am happy that I have completed my 3 years training successfully and I am sad too because the beautiful chapter of my life has ended.

Now onward neither I have the ‘Monday Boredom’ nor the reporting stress , not even a question that ‘ sir will approve my leave or not ?’. I don’t need to deal with employees and heads. I don’t have to postpone my party plans for the reason that I need to go to the office. In short I am free bird now…

Well these all are just little rocks in the path of office life, Office is the place where I had learned numerous things not only related to office but also valuable life lessons. This training of 3 years has sharpen my academic as well as  professional  knowledge, apart from this it helped in developing the soft skills such as communications , drafting and  dealing with personnel.

This office tenure has wider impact on my personal life too. God blessed me with seniors who are very good friends of mine. Their support made things easier for me and also offered a happy working life. Their support for writing and blogging was incredible, their continuous motivation is also reason behind

Besides all this working and writing , I did most of adventures of my life in this 3 years and with office friends i.e. trips and tracking. It was fantastic experience, to enjoy office tours! Movies , food experiments that too in office , birthday celebrations and many many more things… amazing days ❤

Here are some memories ~

For this spectacular years I am grateful towards my principal and sirs , seniors and juniors all to all those who has been part of my journey 🙂

well on serious note , I miss my office and office days ❤

Thank you !


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