Empty passages 💓


Sometimes ,

she crosses his path incidentally,

Their eyes meet ,

And exchanges of smiles happens silently…

While walking in the same passages,

The air contains few unsaid messages…

One day ,

He tried to say ,” Hi”,

But the “good morning ” takes place of it ,

Some more words are there  to say ,

It just replaced by ” Have a good day “…

On some busy days ,

she observed ,

He is not on that desk ,

her eyes started finding him in that passages,

She felt that unsaid words ,

and unvoiced messages    …

 On that morning ,

she observes the empty place,

with the false hope ,

she could find him in case ,

The little sadness on her face ,

she walks to through that passage ,

suddenly she hears the “good morning”

and she smiles,

that was the wish ,

for which she was praying…..


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