She bleed and She Blessed….


One day she woke up with pain,

The blood was on her clothes and bed,

She had painted happiness with red ,

But , On that day,

It was frightening to Β her…..

She started screaming,

The Scenario made her panic,

wiped the Β fallen tears…

Her mom seeing her ,

hugged her tightly,

Did some cleansing,

and said to her ,

” You are grown up my girl ,

you can’t play out anymore ,

Make some distance with others ,

don’t attend the family prayers”…

Somehow she managed all,

Accepted the weirdness in behaviors,

And the Menstruation Β ,

she is still scared ,

surrounded with discomfort ,

And Frustrations….

Her granny met her,

kissed her on forehead ,

And said ,

“we are blessed , you are PERFECT woman now “

She was confused ,

Everything lead her to the mess

Rest were happy Β ,

she noticed strange thing ,

Her father and brother had kept some Distance..

She felt the changes ,

in her body ,

realized the change in situations,

She was fighting with emotions ,

she was bleeding ,

everyone said, she’s blessed,

she thought ,

it was curse to have Menstruation….




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