Found My Happiness….


The happiness ,
I am searching from years ,
But couldn’t find it ,
Nahh ,
May be not able to identify it ….

The happiness ,
I was searching in few conversations ,
Trying to hold on talks ,
Avoiding fights ,
Just to maintain the sweetness ….
In your small text ,
I found  my happiness…

The happiness ,
I  was expecting in my birthday presents ,
But each wrapper showed only names ,
None contained the messages of bliss ,
That was the gift of joy ,
I always miss….

The happiness ,
When people used to say ,
I can be there if u need ,
But i even don’t know when & Where,
And the sentence comes true ,
When i had seen you  Being There…

The happiness ,
Many had told me,
Promised to love ,
Not to leave ever ,
When you made me realise, Meaning of love ,
Cherished life by staying  together…

The happiness ,
When loneliness murdered my emotions ,
Lost in the world of tears ,
Slowly dying inside ,
You came , gave the reason to live ,
Turned the life on,
Made me smile wide….


20 thoughts on “Found My Happiness….

  1. gkeval says:

    May be not able to identify it”
    Well said, I think it happens with all of us, like a universal feeling. We search for happiness without getting off from PAST and cry over a split milk.

    Liked by 1 person

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