Are you gifting rainbow or darkness ??

I love kids, everyone do so. They are so cute and adorable that we can’t stop loving them or don’t want to let go any chance to play with them. We try our best to make them well cultured, give those values and also teach them to behave with manners, to say prayer and try to make them “SANSKARI”. We all have that list of things to do and not to do for kids, even I have for my tuition kids.
Well I don’t really have any problem with all this and somewhere, I have been grown up with the same and I follow it for the younger ones.
The problem starts when children started understanding the things and by observing that they learned the same. They are quick learners so wants to try everything going surrounded by them.


wp-1468775307617.jpgDid you ever observe the kid who’s always facing the teasing or ignored by the elders?
Or the one to whom relatives compares with the other children and passes the comments that ‘you are idiot or you are just useless?’
Or the child, who tries to understand the reasons of family arguments?


Or that small kid, who sees his dad slapping his mom and he even couldn’t help it out, who just cry on each day.

We all know this things happens every day and we don’t even bother until we are directly involved in this matter, or until it makes the pain in our ass. We fight; we learn , we solve all the matters and forget it also. But, what about the kids who are silently be the part of all this?  What lessons they will learn??
Does anyone bothers to console those threaten kids   when someone is arguing or shouting in presence of them , or just get busy in solving those issues ?

wp-1468775292791.jpgDoes anyone think that the family values taught to them are also meant to be follow, literally don’t they get confused that parents says respect the elders and parents themselves misbehaving with the grandparents. For any child the love story of his parent is the best love story or ideal one, didn’t they loses their beliefs and trust from the marriages? What would the son learn? To treat women’s as salves or maybe he’s not able to accept anyone in life just because he always had seen how the relations spoil the life.
May be this things we all observes, but ignore it or don’t pay the attention, or just think that ‘‘he’s kid may be he is not going to understand that situation so it not at all impacting on him “But it impacts because our behavior teaches them to be like that or to misbehave or to break the rules and make the fun of all values and disrespect the ethics.



The reason behind writing this post is just one, make sure that what you taught to next generation , your generation is following the same.


Don’t raise your kids with the emotional confusions; let them have trust the feelings and relations. It says the mind of kid is like blank page , make sure he has the rainbow not the darkness.

Thank you for reading this, and also let me have your opinions guys.
Keep smiling and keep making rainbows on blank pages.


8 thoughts on “Are you gifting rainbow or darkness ??

  1. poemsbyarti says:

    Scl days me Hindi Sub me ek lesson padha tha : परम्परा…

    एक पीढ़ी से दूसरी पीढ़ी तक जाती है, थोड़ी बदलकर.. तो हमें ही इस बात का ध्यान रखना है कि हम अपनी आगे वाली पीढ़ी को क्या दे रहे है..!

    Truly written mishthi…👍

    Liked by 2 people

  2. bhaatdal says:

    बहुत सुँदर every word is a mere truth , kids are the mirror image of elders , we should know what we are showing them 🙂 thank you nikku .. Sometime kids also show elders the right path like you just did to me 🙂 .. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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