Me ~ Being Strong ๐Ÿ˜Š


Yeah ,
I was tired of running behind my desires,
But the day ,
You said ,
“You are on wrong way ”
I tighten my shoes less ,
And made speedy trips for wishes….

I was confused and cried for wrong things ,
But the day ,
You started laughing on my tears ,
I started smiling
And kicked out all fears …

I was struggling to Write few lines ,
And you said ,
“What a scrap it is ,stop wasting time ”
I Lookedย  at the sentences ,
Visualisingย  you , holding the book,
” can i have autograph on mine ?”

Yeah ,
I was fighting with the mood swings ,
entertaining you with my emotions ,
you got bored ,
And said ” how emotionless you are ”
I learned bartering of feelings….

Yeah ,
I was carved to be with you ,
Losing meย  in your ego and attitudes ,
And you took me for granted ,
Abusing my existence ,
One good day you asked me to leave ,
And I’m glad of that ,
Because i found ME….


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