3 Quotes I Like


Thank you writesshefali.wordpress.com for giving me a 3 day quote challenge. Its 1st time that i’m appearing for quotes challenge. There are many  quotes which i loved and save it in my diary or gallery but below  3 are those which i always   want to share 🙂


This is one of my favorite quotes, and my what’s App  status from last 1 year or more. I read it on twitter and fall in love with  that line. I Love the words She Knows Forever is a Myth. Self Explanatory !!




This quote might seems negative,But I always take it  on positive note.

Everyone (includes everything too) comes in life with an Expiry date. Understanding this single quote may reduce your half sorrows.






When people will understand this many relations could be saved.

Personally , i’m working to follow this perfectly .



Rules for 3 day quote challenge:

1) Thank the person who nominate you.

2) Post 1-3 quotes everyday for 3 consecutive days.

3) Nominate 3 other people.

My Nominations are :~

  1. Jyostna ji
  2. Pinakin joshi
  3. Afzal Mo0lla

Once again thank you Shefali 🙂

Happy Blogging!!!


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