Experiment- Version 3

Really happy to be part of this experiment,
Thank you so much Dhiraj ji


Third poem of the series has been done by myself and Nikita Thenikitasongare.wordpress.com

To accompany at dinner she had promised!
An evening together never to be missed
Meet you at sharp Six she had exclaimed
At the resort, heaven for lovers, all proclaimed
Eager as hell and were they enthused
To be with each other in body soul and mind
They are meeting ,
The destiny is kind,
She wore a white dress,
He was in blue shirt,
Looks like a perfect pair…
She blushes and her cheeks turn red,
he held her hand,
The love is in the air…
He looked into her eyes,
The perfect moment,
Both wished that moment stopped and froze there for eternity
“It is supposed to happen”
They thought…
He whispered in her ear
“Will you be my destiny?”
She looked upon him,
Deep in his eyes,
N said softly,
“Yeah I will love…

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