Darkness …

She was siting there,

In the darkness,

All alone ,trying to face,

The destiny’s Harshness,


HE tapped on her Shoulder,

wp-1465471812718.jpgHugged her grief,

He promised Her,

He will steal tears and fears,

ohhh! he did ,

He was Desired thief,

He hold her hand ,

Lead her to happiness,

He crowded her,

Snitched her loneliness,

He made her love,

Showered her with smile,

He took her away,

Far away,

From dying,

He teaches her how to live,

She started believing,

Trusting and loving ,

He seemed to be an angel

Made her life fairy tale of heaven,

She is blossoming,

Dreams are in happens,

Suddenly, he walked away,

She woke up, realized its dream,

wp-1465471807912.jpg“I want get rid of this things”

The last words of him,

She lost again ,

In the ocean of pain and tears,

Her heart filled with,





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