Twitter wars – trolls, sly and celebrity

pinakin’s best ever

મારું બહારવટું

Twitter is a different place, they have promised me, like a land of enchantment.
Like a place from Julie Verne or avatars,
They made me Believe that, I will find better people, creative people here.
But when I finally started here,
All the façade and parade dismantle,
It’s stupid flee market here.


Twitter become a kingdom where celebrities sits on throns and laugh at people below them and if you gonna survive this madness, you must praise the mad King.

I beg to differ, this place, social media platforms is for you to express your feelings and disagreement if must, a wise man always says good stories but he also be the one who snapped you out of your bad habits.

Sly, that’s what now this day people call it, the origin, of course they don’t know is, to cut down, kill. in here they kill people’s moral, there mind…

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