My better half 📱


I had just given my mobile to customer care as it was not working properly and I started feeling so lonely yeah you read correct I’m feeling lonely without my better half. (  As my friends says “Mobile toh tera sachha pyar haii, teri jan haii”😆).


Now a days, a mobile is kinda necessity( roti , kapda ,makan aur internet vala mobile ), its part of our routine  life and professional life too. I don’t have idea about rest, but for me Mobile means my diary, watch,unfortunately alarm,  music, logical reasoning and aptitude apps, lots of books (including CA books), and yeah Twitter and many many more things.

So when I came to know that I need to be without my mobile for some days so the 1st think on my mind was “Hell, what I’m gonna do without it😡 “.and when that beautiful girl said “madam 3/4 din lagenge” and I feel like💔.

As soon as I realized that I’m going to be in offline world, I immediately started searching for diary and watch and the books too. While writing diary, I noted that my handwriting is better now, and I have good collection of watches. And when I lost in “someone like you” I fell again for kartik💕.

 i’m missing that chit chat sessions and twitting🙀. music breaks and clicking selfies🙈. well offline world is not that much bad.

(p.s. i am not addicted to mobile but yeah i’m addicted to the habit of using mobile. )



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