​Ex 💔 – past to present #AtoZChallenge 

 Well today is the word x and all I can remember is ex relationship.

It’s normal that people have past , some secrets , few painful realizations and life learning lessons. So you and your partner can have , it’s not that complicated but we humans have some extra ordinary ability to make things complicated. Most of the time people hide that they had a relationship, now usually in LDR , your relation is based on the trust and honesty and if you hide something like this from your partner it’s going to be disaster , trust me !

Here I have to say two things, First to partner who has relationship, my dear, you didn’t did crime , so don’t hide it. Don’t regret about it because, it is the exact thing you wanted that time. Now , you have started your love life at new point, make sure that your girl /man knows about it. 

Further, one more important thing , if your partner accept you with your past with big heart, make sure that you don’t compare things or don’t say ‘you know my ex would love this ‘ . It simply hurts , none is exceptional. So it’s the past let it be the past.

To other partner, sweets , just because your partner had relationship, it doesn’t mean that he is not loving you , there can be sufficient reason that it didn’t work and he or she is with you now.  May be you are not his first but you can be last and forever. So it was just story , where your partner was hero😉. Appreciate your partner to tell you the truth.

Having a past is not a problem, it’s too simple thing , but people make things tough by involving the past into present.
So trust your partner ❤ believe in the love you share 😘

Stay blessed and keep reading 💛

Waiting #AtoZChallenge

Waiting 😑

The word waiting sounds painful and sometimes irritating too.

Usually when you are at distance, waiting is part of your life. The reasons can be various such as you guys may have different schedule , you guys belong to different time zone or anything else. 

Most of the time it happens that you are in bad mood or you need to talk with your partner or you have something important to share with him, but he’s busy in working and you couldn’t get reply. Many times it happen that you guys have planned a meet but one of you got some emergency and the other one keep waiting.

Waiting hurts a lot , you need to wait to see your partner, to hug him , even sometimes for replies too. Most of the time waiting ruins mood and leads to fights, and I know this waiting types feeling so I’m not gonna say that you shouldn’t be sad or make your mood bad.

Here I can suggest is adjust your schedules, as you guys know when you are free talk on that time, so at least you can have one peaceful conversation.

Well waiting hurts, but precious thing takes some time. So instead of making faces , enjoy your waiting sessions too.

Thank you for reading ❤

Variations #AtoZChallenge

LDR brings lots of variations with it , you may find thousands of differences between you and your partner.

The variations vary from time zone to taste, culture, religion, traditions, behavioral habits or it could be anything. In all the variations , the cultural variation affects the most.Its normal thing but in some communities or some places it still have huge impact  such as if you belong to different religions , you may have to face problems about it or any gesture have different meaning in both cultures. There can be lot of different things but you have one similarity that’s love, so you can solve the differences. The movie 2 states is the best example of how two families and culture have huge variations.

Here I want to say, don’t let differences ruin the essence of your beautiful journey where you are sharing families and love.  According to me its can turn into adventures and fun to learn new culture, if you want to do so.  Being a partner, it’s the best time where you can support your partner, by telling them about your culture, festivals and many more things. As I belong to two cultures, I find it fantastic, you have lots of celebration, two cuisine and twice fun.

You can’t erase the variations, but you can always celebrate the differences.

Thank you for reading .

US #AtoZChallenge

Us ❤ 

Isn’t it most beautiful word , obviously it is ❤ when you and me turns into us things seems more prettier 😍.

As every relationship ,you and your partner also want to be together forever, no doubts. But when people says that long distance relationships don’t work when it come to real life. Somewhere it’s truth , let me correct it’s half truth. The relationship fails because people can’t change with the changing circumstances. 

Most of the time it happens that when , lovers turn in to husband / wife or got engaged , things change accordingly, you guys are now not just a boy friend, girlfriend with your virtual world,  you are companions who have lots of responsibilities and things to look after, so there’s chance that you don’t carry out the same lovely relationship. Here all you need is little adjustment and Faith in your partner.

So guys just because someone else said that LDR won’t work , don’t stop dreaming about your story. 

It’s about you and your partner, so believe in word  US ❤

Troubles #AtoZChallenge


Who don’t have it? So as you have and your partner too.

There are thousands of problem we face in our day to day life, office, home and sometimes in relationship too. Well here we are not discussing the kind of problems; the concern is how we react at the problem.

Sometimes it happens that one of our partner is facing some emotional or any family problem and obviously it’s gonna make their mood worsen, so it directly or indirectly affects on the relationship. And the tone of the conversation becomes rude, full of tears or blaming. Now one who is frustrated is already in problem, so it’s the time when the second one can make things easier.

I know being at distance of kilometers you can’t do much help, but at least you can listen to them, their problems, maybe it’s the most important thing at the point of time you can do for them. Sometimes listening, consoling and making them feel that you are there is the best thing. 

So if you can’t be troubleshooter for them, at least you can be there for them.

Thank you for reading.❤

Surprises ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Surprises 😍

Yeah everyone loves surprises, no one is exception. Here , I just want to say that what about adding some surprise element to your love story ❤

Usually we so busy in our routine schedule that we don’t have time to enjoy the small moments or sometimes We can’t be there for loved one. So I believe in giving small surprises so that we can make them smile even if we are busy .

Well it’s not necessary that it should be something expensive but it should be something that shows your love. You can send one beautiful E-mail with some romance or the collage of your beautiful memories 😍 or screenshots of your old conversation (it works actually, it reminds you the beginning of your story) or anything which you feel perfect for your partner, it canbe small candy too 😇

Here by sending this surprises, you can be with them , you can give that blushing smile 😍 so plan some cute surprises and reduce your distance.

Realize & Reward ❤ #AtoZChallenge

Realize and reward ❤

Well most of the time it happens that we take people for granted, it’s normal thing now a days.

Usually this thing happen in relationship too, long distance relationship is not an exception. It happens many time that we don’t realize what our partner is doing for us, what it takes for him to reply while the work is too much, when his mood is worse like hell still he tries to cheer up his girl , while everything seems getting worst still he tries to be there.

But we are so busy in ourselves or in the riddle of life, that we don’t realize that small motivation, small complements and small happiness given by our loved ones. So it is the time when we can reward with them with love and shower some good moments on them.

So it’s the time to recognize and realize that special care, and reward with some extra care ❤